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Valerio Polici

Born in Rome in 1984. After studying marketing between Rome and Lisbon, he decides to devote himself full time to photography.

He starts with photojournalism working with some of the main international newspapers (BBC, Newsweek, Washington Post, BJP, L'Espresso among others) and then devotes himself more and more to authorial photography. His photos have been exhibited in Turkey, Portugal, Germany and at the Venice Biennale. Honorable mention at the EPF Grant in New York in 2014. A photo of him became part of the Luciano Benetton collection for Imago Mundi. His first book was previewed at the Grand Palais during the Paris Photo 2016. Since February 2015 he has participated in the irregular workshop under the guidance of Antonio Biasiucci.


Valerio Polici, freelance photographer, works with a reflex moving freely in the most diverse places, including churches and museums, between the cities of Rome and Lisbon, Naples and Riga. His research is a journey back in his own imagination, which - beyond photography - approaches psychoanalysis, initiating the therapeutic and expressive attempt to use the medium as a sounder of exploration and reconciliation with oneself. Far from any security, Polici chooses the vertical development of the image, a color that overheats the eye with an almost pictorial material and no binding history. Without a precise border, the gaze moves with difficulty trying to chase disturbing images, trying to elaborate dreams and intercept icons that lead back to the fear and anguish experienced, crossed in one's family history: women, the house, the devil, the death, a vague esoteric and occult presence that hovers in everyday life.
Research truly relies on the medium to encounter and sublimate fear. The eye extracts the restlessness from the shadow, from the flesh as from the wood, stopping it in a female face, in an architectural detail, a pair of closed eyes, a flower or a wig.
The visual universe evokes Serrano, the Bacon color tones, the world is questioned in an initiatory way, with curiosity and suspicion. The result is both painful and cathartic.

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