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Giuseppe Vitale

Giuseppe Vitale
Born in Caserta in 1981. He graduated in Law from the Federico II Faculty of Naples and obtained the title of lawyer.
He approaches photography in 2015 when, suddenly, his father passes away.
Photography then becomes a refuge and pain therapy.
In 2018 he was selected to become part of the third edition of Antonio Biasiucci's Irregular Laboratory, during which he produces "Apnea", a work in which the author faces a journey into his own pain by exploring worlds, organisms and reassuring atmospheres in which to find the memory of a loved one.


evaīióne s. f. [from lat. late evasio -onis]. – 1. a. The act, the effect and the way of escaping, escape from a place [...] b. extension Escaping the fulfillment of a duty, or a commitment [...] c. fig. Liberation from an environment, from a moral or spiritual condition, or from a way of life, which have become unbearable or are the cause of discomfort and suffering [...] 2. In bureaucr. use, response, start to a solution. [...]

Gathering the traces, collecting visual stumbling blocks and restoring them by subtracting them from their recognizable form is the process that underlies Giuseppe Vitale's modus operandi. In the transition from micro to macro, mostly indecipherable details suggest ambiguous images, hovering between artifacts of an undefined past and futuristic hints at a time yet to be written. This state of suspension describes a space-time dimension with a muffled atmosphere, a limbo that is also

a refuge, a hypothetical maternal womb where to escape reality and anxiety. What the lens captures is a possible parallel world made up of objects, organisms and reassuring atmospheres in which to rediscover the memory of a loved one, unexpected, elusive, which goes beyond the physical and visible form to become multisensory perception, a metaphysical space, a place where find your breath.

Extract from the critical text LAB03: between words and images by Alessandra Troncone

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