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PORTRAIT - FOTOGRAFIA- Festival Internazionale di Roma 

curated by Antonio Biasiucci
Museo MACRO, Roma


«The sense of the“ laboratory ”- explains Biasiucci - is to discover an urgency, an authenticity through the continuous confrontation with the chosen subject. The inability to go straight to the bottom of things creates homologation. The laboratory has the function of looking inside, every time, repeatedly. From this comparison will arise the questions that will tend to reveal that part of mystery that the subject inevitably hides. Through that mystery, one looks in the mirror and starts a process of introspective knowledge that becomes the meaning of one's photography. Doing the workshop does not mean becoming an artist but the attempt to discover what is important; it helps to distinguish the fundamental from the ephemeral, to acquire a mindset, a methodology that is functional at least to make a photograph that does not lie, a photograph of oneself ».

Antonio Biasiucci

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