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Laura Nemes-Jeles

Laura Nemes-Jeles was born in Budapest in 1991. From an early age she showed her artistic flair by practicing dance and then approaching literature and visual arts.

Moved to Naples in 2015, she joined the Irregular Laboratory and thus began her personal expressive research.


care s. f. [lat. cira]. – 1. a. Diligent and thoughtful interest in an object, which engages both our soul and our activity [...] b. Concern, attention [...] To the plur., kindness, vigilant assistance [...] c. Commitment, zeal, diligence [...] d. The activity in which one is directly engaged [...] e. Constant object (made up of people or things) of one's thoughts, attentions, attachment [...] 2. a. The complex of therapeutic means and medical prescriptions that have the aim of curing a disease (synonym of therapy, but with a wider meaning and use) [...] b. Continued use of a remedy [...] 3. a. Assistance, surveillance and similar activities, in the various forms with which it is exercised by a curator [...]

The family as a place of growth, love, protection, meeting of gazes. This is what emerges from the story by Laura Nemes-Jeles who, while decreeing her protagonist right from the title, actually becomes a network of other stories that allow a filigree glimpse of the movements of an entire nucleus, united by a passion for art in an extended sense but above all by her, Grazia. It is an intertwined story of habits, desires, joys and worries suggested by the cuts of light, where effusions and physical contact serve as a narrative and psychological glue. All of this develops over a long period of time, not focusing on the sister's autism as a condition capable of altering events

but, on the contrary, as an element capable of directing them, building aggregation and a sense of community. Grazia's gaze, almost always captured by something else while the lens rests on her, grants itself in the last image with a complicit air, also a sign of a transition towards adulthood. She recognizes her role, the effect she is able to exert on those around her, and invites us to follow her in the next stages, suggesting a story that continues and a project with potentially infinite development over time.

Extract from the critical text LAB03: between words and images by Alessandra Troncone

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