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Ilaria Abbiento

Ilaria Abbiento is an artist who lives and works in Naples.
She meets photography during her childhood falling in love with silver salts in the dark room of an uncle who is a photographer.
Over the years she has extended her scientific and graphic studies with photographic material to devote herself entirely to visual art. A solo exhibition Concetta dei fiori in 2013 is active. A pupil of the artist Antonio Biasiucci, she follows with him a research laboratory of author photography, Lab \ for an irregular laboratory, exhibiting in 2014 the work In every place in the collective Epiphanies al Castel dell'Ovo in Naples and the Macro Museum in Rome. She is a visual artist for AltoFest 2014 with the work Apartments and in 2015 with Corrispondenze, a work that wins the 2015 Portfolio Italia award on display in the circuit of photography festivals in various Italian cities including to whom the SiFest / Savignano Images Festival 2016, you are one of the artists of the Italian Center of Photographic Photography of Bibbiena.
She participate in the BoCS Art 2015 Artist Residence curated by Alberto Dambruoso, creating the work Opificio for the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cosenza. In 2016 you are among the artists of Smartup Optima / Contemporary Art Award with Opera Harmonia and in the Imago Mundi Art / Luciano Benetton Contemporary Art Collection with the Opera Lido Conchiglia, exhibited in 2017 at the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa in Palermo and at the Madre Museum in Naples. She is currently engaged in an artistic project on the sea to which she dedicates the work Cartography of the Sea exhibited at the MedPhotoFest / Mediterranean Festival in Catania and at the Al Blu di Prussia gallery in Naples. You are one of the authors of Ilfilodipartenope, an artisan publishing house, with the work 12 times Mare.
The poetics of her works are an ideal mapping of memory archives, her images, like atlases suspended in time, create the
coordinates of a visual research often studded with material elements with which she builds cartographies of thought, visual narratives of her inner landscape.


Apparently improvised sacred altars but which actually conceal an unexpected, conscientious, authoritative compositional shrewdness, in glory of the holiness of the moment. Ilaria Abbiento's images are documentations of unexpressed liturgies, carried out in everyday life, and which refer to ancestral, pagan or Latin American rituals, in which the sacred mixes with the profane and the divine with earthly troubles. The photographer explores a Naples in search of support and protection, where public places of commerce become fleeting moments of devotion, moments in which the picturesque aspect is mixed with Christian tradition, the customs of a people at the liturgical tables. Ilaria Abbiento recounts in a refined way the human process that leads to the carrying out of the cult outside the designated place, to lower it into the daily routine of those who buy and those who sell.
Wherever you protect is a photographic project in which the paradoxes of Neapolitanism are confronted with the rites occasioned by the constant need to receive heavenly support, a divine blessing. In the images of Ilaria Abbiento, the object for sale, ready for use, becomes an ex-voto, a gift exchanged between a saint, a merchant and a customer.


(Chiara Pirozzi)

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