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Fulvio Ambrosio

Born in Naples in 1986.
He approaches photography at a very young age, becoming interested in the world of reportage. In 2004 a project begins on the Balkans which will take him several times to Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia and which will be exhibited in 2011 at the museum
MOTHER of Naples. He undertakes his studies in Psychology in parallel with his own activity as a photographer.
Psychology and photography yes intertwine in his work, hybridizing and inspiring each other. In 2011 he joined LAB, a laboratory curated by Antonio Biasiucci: there the work "1: 1" was born, a series of portraits focused on the interaction between the photographer and the portrait subject. Within LAB he participates in various exhibitions, including the XIII edition of the International Festival of Photograph at the MACRO museum in Rome. In 2015 he worked for the Venice Biennale for the realization of a reportage on the Italian Pavilion. In the same year he joined the archive of the Malerba Fund for photography in Milan. Since 2016 he has been working on the long-term project “X”, a meeting point between photography and psychoanalysis, in which hypothesizes a possible representation of unconscious contents through photographic investigation. His work is part of the Cotroneo collections and the Belgian foundation Maison Particulière. He currently lives and works in Naples in parallel as a clinical psychologist and as an artist.

1: 1

For Fulvio Ambrosio, photography originates from the reciprocity of a conversation, from a two-way dialogue that results in the physical interaction between the subjects. The shot therefore arises from the need to relate to others and from the use of photography as an instrument of self-knowledge through others. For Fulvio Ambrosio the concept of presence, of being physically there in the frame, is the final result of a process of relationship and transport between who takes and who receives the shot, in which participation becomes physical, tangible and visible. The sense of mutual relationship becomes an analysis tool, a method of palpable knowledge through which to observe behaviors, gestures and from them the emotional states of mind coming from the action in progress. Photography in Fulvio Ambrosio is therefore part of a slow and careful, meditated and mediated performative process, which aims to search for the symbolic image of the reciprocity of the gesture.
Tenderness, embarrassment, affection, curiosity, represent the feelings that arrive visible in the photographs, these are dialogues constructed in the intimacy of the pose and in the neutrality of the context. Fulvio Ambrosio builds a 1 to 1 relationship between subject, author, context and public, in the creation of a link that from personal dialogue becomes collective conversation.


(Chiara Pirozzi)

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