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Epifanie 03

Mostra a cura di Antonio Biasiucci 

Convento di San Domenico MaggioreVico San Domenico, Napoli

Dal 12 Giugno - 31 Agosto 2021

epiph·a·ny [from Late Greek, plural, probably alteration of Greek epi- phaneia appearance, manifestation, from epiphainein to manifest, from epi- + phainein to show]. Definition of epiphany — 1. A church festival in commemoration of the coming of the Magi as the first manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles or in the Eastern Church in commemoration of the baptism of Christ. 2. An appearance or manifestation especially of a divine being. 3. A revealing scene or moment.

Now, at the third event presenting the works carried out within LAB / For a Laboratorio Irregolare, the title epiphanies appears even more manifest. Revealing what has been developed during the last three years is tantamount to revealing oneself at the end of a journey which is not only professional but human, an exercise in the observation of reality which cannot disregard self-observation. The question asked at the beginning of the LAB, “what is important at this moment in your life?”, is in itself a stimulus to start examining oneself. These projects arise from a sense of urgency which finds in photography not only a technical medium for reproducing an image but an introspective tool, in some cases therapeutic. An essential aspect emerging as the backbone of the whole masterclass is the relational dimension: the rapport with the subjects portrayed in the photographs, established as a relationship of exploration and knowledge leading to the final result, but also and above all with the classmates. Antonio Biasiucci is the one igniting the dialogue, making its existence possible within a horizontal dimension where the exchange is constant and therefore always for- mative. It might be for this reason that, despite the absolute diversity and independence of individual research in terms of subjects, themes and approaches to the photographic medium, some suggestions reap- pear among the various projects in a game of assonances that reflects an organic picture, an organism whose parts complement each other. Common traces interpreted in different ways, but useful for outlining a possible course. There is, for example, the concept of indefinability, formal and conceptual, which opens up new glimmers of possibility, opportunities, solutions. The invitation to overcome dualisms, acknow- ledging the nuances of perception and meaning. Or again, the relation- ship with the sacred and the supernatural, which is expressed in the theme of the rite. Above all, the ever-present tension between the indi- vidual and the universal, the micro and the macro, the personal and the collective. In focusing on the individual projects I have identified some key words, of which I report the strict definition from the dictionary, including various meanings. In an internal game of references, these

appear almost interchangeable at times, fluid concepts able to flow from one project to another. Furthermore, their juxtaposition presents us with concepts related to photography itself, in a more abstract sense. Where the invisible becomes visible, assuming the epiphanic value which it intrinsically possesses.

Alessandra Troncone

Artists : Paolo Covino, Alessandro Gattuso, Valeria Laureano, Laura Nemes-Jeles, Claire Power,  Ilaria Sagaria, Giuseppe Vitale, Tommaso Vitiello

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