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Cristina Cusani

Cristina Cusani was born in Naples in 1984, the following year she moved to Rome with her family. In 2005, after graduating in Communication Sciences at the La Sapienza University of Rome, she devoted herself to studying the photographer first at the University of the Arts, London College of Communication in London, then at the Outside School in Rome and at the Accademia di Belle Arts of Naples. Her photographic investigation stems from the search for a profound identity, a personal analysis that translates into the expression of universal themes. Since 2005 you have exhibited in some group exhibitions including the XI Cairo Award in Milan, the
Fotografabilly exhibition curated by Marianna Agliottone, at the Dino Morra Contemporary Art gallery in Naples, followed by Snapshot at the Photographer's House-Villa Pignatelli, Naples and NiNa- Nuova Immagine NApoletana PAN Palazzo delle Arti Naples. In 2008 she exhibited Tufo in a personal exhibition at the EB Gallery in Rome and in 2011 Necropolis at the MADRE Museum in Naples. In 2012 she follows the Irregular Laboratory with Antonio Biasiucci from which the traveling exhibition Epifanie was born and in 2015 she is selected for the BoCs Art artist residency where she creates a work for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cosenza.
His artistic career is characterized by a great variety of styles, starting from black and white he experiments with different photographic techniques such as the pinhole, the inversion of negatives and double exposure, until in 2016 he exhibits his first color work at the gallery. Essearte of Naples. The search for her wants to go beyond the means used, for
this begins to broaden her artistic horizons by designing two site-specific works / installations both selected as finalists in two different contemporary art awards. She currently lives and works between Naples and Rome.


ABC as a unit of measurement of the self, of one's experiences meditated through photography. This is the intimate microcosm described in Cristina Cusani's images, shots that interpret the emotional experience that the photographer processes from time to time from daily memories. Cristina Cusani adopts the approach of facts to words and thoughts to images, building a personal experiential vocabulary, in which the individual letters develop into reflections coming from the familiar, from discovering and acting in the world itself. The shots become moments, food for thought, material and immaterial places on which to focus attention and through which to start a knowledge of one's own being.

Close points of view and attention to detail are the tools used by the photographer to explore, as if under a magnifying glass, a contemporary archeology of past, people, skills and personal encouragement. Cristina Cusani's syllabary tells of the links between reflections and images, through combinations of thoughts that invite reverberation, to the creation of ever new primaries, both intimate and from the experience of others.


(Chiara Pirozzi)

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