Vincenzo Russo

Born in Naples in 1989. He approaches cinema at a young age, acquiring through the years a passion for the image which will transfer onto his activity as a photographer and videomaker. From September 2013 till June 2014 he attends the annual photography course at the Centro di Fotografia Indipendente in Naples, under the supervision of photographer Mario Spada. Since February 2015, he has taken part in Antonio Biasiucci’s Laboratorio Irregolare, developing a photographic project that delves into the theme of the reproducibility of works of art.

"Hic et Nunc"

Vincenzo Russo, photographer and videomaker, travelled through Italy among the factories that produce replicas of classical statues, from Tuscany to Veneto, from Lazio to Lombardia, from Emilia-Romagna to Liguria, often on cloudy days. Complying with the method, with his Pentax 645 and a narrow aperture, he spent entire days literally immersed among the statues, recording a slow revelation, a progressive settling of the image on the retina. The photographic gaze creates a dense relationship, a complete reciprocity between subject and object, the camera and things, reality and representation.

The images play with the “reproducible nature of the work of art”. They represent the recurrence of the same model of classical or neoclassical tradition, set on the background of the factory. The statues, in multiple copies, appropriate the space, becoming natural rhythm and colour, free from cultural and social influences. The lost aura is restored by photography, through the performance of the eye camera, through the interaction with the spectator. The replicas hang onto objects and spaces, contextualising frames. The image releases those objects from industrial design and their destiny as garden decorations, returning them to a primal vitality. Like the nature of time modifies and reimagines the statues, so the image lets them emerge from the fresh colours of the walls and windows, among the shapes of fences and pallets. The landscape is completely and subjectively redefined, like in the American School, while bearing the deep echoes of a Mediterranean rewrite.

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