Valerio Polici

Born in Rome in 1984, he studied marketing and advertising between Rome and Lisbon. Intrigued by photography, he started as a self taught to later follow several courses among Rome, Padua, Paris and Riga. He starts to collaborate with the major italian and international magazines, his photos are exhibited in Portugal, Turkey, Germany at "Biennale di Architettura" in Venice and Macro Museum In Rome. Since 2015 he follows a masterclass with Antonio Biasiucci. Since 2014 he started to work with Rafal Milach and Ania Nalecka in Warsaw, on the realization of his first book, presented in 2016 at Grand Palais during the Paris Photo Fair. He lives and works between Rome and Naples


Valerio Polici, freelance photographer, works with an SLR freely moving in the most different places, among churches and museums, between the cities of Rome and Lisbon, Naples and Riga. His artistic exploration is a trip back to the imagination, which — beyond photography — approaches psychoanalysis, starting a therapeutic and expressive attempt to use the medium as a sounding line for the exploration and reconciliation with oneself.

Far from safety, Polici chooses the vertical development of the image, a colour that warms the eye with an almost pictorial materiality and no binding history. Without a defined border, the gaze struggles to move as it tries to chase unsettling images, seeking to elaborate dreams and intercept icons that lead back to the lived fear and angst of his own family history: the women, the house, the devil, death, a vague esoteric and occult presence that hovers over everyday life. The exploration truly relies on the medium to meet and sublimate fear. The eye extracts disquietude from the shadow, from the flesh as well as from wood, freezing it in the face of a woman, in an architectural detail, a pair of closed eyes, a flower or a wig. The visual universe evokes Serrano, the color palette Bacon, the world is called upon like in a rite of initiation, with curiosity and suspicion. The results are both painful and cathartic.

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