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LUIGI GRASSI was born in Campobasso in 1985.He took a master degree in Fine Art Photography at the Fine Art Academy in Naples. Since the beginning he focused on the ancient tecniques of printing, such as bichromatic printing and silver alogenure printing, without undervaluating the digital ones. In 2008 he starts his collaboration with PrimoPiano Gallery in Naples and through this gallery he shows his student's works at the Rencontres d’Arles 2008 e 2009. In 2011 he shows the work “L'Estate” at the PrimoPiano Gallery in Naples with a Neoralism project titled “(…) o si è assunti in cielo o si precipita” curated by Antonio Maiorino. From 2012 cooperates with the Fine Art Acadey as a photography cult follower. Since october 2012 he attend the Antonio Biasiucci LAB where he deepen the method of personal research. In 2013 join the group of artist “The Darkroom Project” guided by the professional printer Luciano Corvaglia.


SUDARI by Luigi Grassi. Nets and veils adorn buildings and bridges. The subjects of my research apparently conceal themselves, but that which could appear as a concealment, is in reality a way of suggesting a universal interpretation of events. In our country, to cover a building with these sheets means that it is undergoing a renovation to recreate a former condition of the building, which has deteriorated with time. To cover one's house with these veils in wartime is an attempt to conceal oneself from the aim of snipers. From the images, a continuous interrogation on the facts of time and existence emerges: what remains of that which disappears? What lasts when nothing else remains? What is left that can tell us of things to come? From these questions one thing is clear: we have issues with absence. (Chiara Pirozzi)

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