Ilaria Abbiento

Ilaria Abbiento was born in Naples in 1975. I first meet photography at the age of five, when her uncle that was a photographer showed her the darkroom. She continue to photograph until her high school diploma. After that, she began Art director in the communication company Ikedea. Then she decided to dedicate all her time to photogrpahy. She had two pwersonal exhibitions: “A’ Juta a Montevergine” and “Concetta dei fiori” and others collective exhibitions and she won the photographic prize “Scatta Mojoca”. Nowadays she work as a professional photographer at the Icona Studio in Naples and she prefer artistic photography.


EVERYWHERE by Ilaria Abbiento. A tale of sacred imagery hidden in the old shops of Naples, where time seems frozen and where, every so often, a picture of the Madonna (of a Goddess, of a woman), is shown proudly on the canned tomatoes shelf. The surreal imagery, that echoes in the contrast of elements so different from each other, that it generates a great fascination in me. The magic reveals itself every time I find a religious icon in these "temples" that are poorer than my city. A picture of Saint Gennaro, or of Mary, a saint's portrait, become accidental tassels that tessellate together, time after time, in the mysterious puzzle that is my investigation. By photographing them, I question the celestial images, which generate a strong surprise with the emotional journey they take me on; icons that guard the lives of my people in their daily undertakings. Every day, in unexpected places, for as long as I can remember. (Chiara Pirozzi)

Ilaria Abbiento
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