Curated by di Antonio Biasiucci e Mario Peliti

Galleria del Cembalo, Palazzo Borghese, Largo della Fontanella di Borghese, ROMA
From 14 June to September 2017

In December 2014, after a selection made by Antonio Biasiucci, the group for the second edition of Laboratorio Irregolare was set up. Each pupil/photographer was guided towards accomplishing a personal photographic concept for two and a half years. The artist shared his own experience with the participants, thus creating the fundamentals for their professional growth. " I make my knowledge available in order for others to be good photographers throughout a workshop inspired by Antonio Neiwiller, an important figure of the Italian theatrical scene during the 1980's, who prematurely passed away 20 years ago. I improved my working method by attending Neiwiller's workshops for years, applying his theatrical talent to photography. Works by Pasquale Autiero, Ciro Battiloro, Valentina De Rosa, Maurizio Esposito, Ivana Fabbricino, Vincenzo Pagliuca, Valerio Polici, Vincenzo Russo.

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