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Fulvio Ambrosio was born in Naples in 1986. He get closed to photography when he was really young and at 18 years old shoot a photo essey about children in a orphanage in Bosnia and about the cities devastated by the war. While studying psychology he continue to photograph Traveling in est Europe and shooting portrait of gypsies. In 2011 won the photographic prize “Incontri pour l'image” and had an exhibition at the MADRE Museum in Naples. In 2012 shows his photographs during the performance “Clic si suona” at the Capodimonte Museum in Naples. In 2013 took the degree in psychology in fact photography and psychology are melted in his work and they interact and ispired one another.


1:1 by Fulvio Ambrosio. I photograph what I touch with my hands. I stroke the subjects of my portraits, each reacting differently, I am in the frame with them: we are in contact. I mix my photography with my studies on psychoanalysis and relationships. I reproduce the elements of a clinical setting with performing actions in photography. It is an experimental situation, unusual, seeing as touching a person's face is generally the prerogative of an intimate relationship. My hand appears in the frame, extended towards the subject. The symbolic wall created by the presence of the camera is crossed; making the barrier that separates behind from in front of the camera permeable. The photographer, who generally stays behind that barrier, in this case puts a part of himself in the framed shot, becoming part of the composition. This technique explicitly expresses the idea that "objective" representation of a person is impossible, because of the fact that each of us is perpetually interacting with the context that resides in the "here and now." 
(Chiara Pirozzi)

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