Cristina Cusani

Cristina Cusani was born in Naples in 1984 and the following year she moved to Rome with her family. In 2005 she graduated in Communications at the University La Sapienza in Rome. After the degree she studied photography first at the University of the Art, London College of Communication in London, then at the Outside school in Rome and at the Academy of Fine Art in Naples. Since 2005 she works as a professional photographer and she exposes in several collective and solo exhibition as “Tufo” at the Pica Gallery in Naples and at the EB Gallery in Rome in 2008 and “Necropoli” at the MADRE Museum in Naples in 2011 . Nowadays while she continues her studies and her work as a professional photographer, she keep on participating to different personal and collective exhibitions, in Italy and in Europe.


ALPHABET BOOK by Cristina Cusani. Ambition, balance, acknowledgment, question, elasticity, cage, humus, importance, lightness, destination, grandmother, occasion, thought, almost, search, challenge, tentative, humanity, truth, zenith. These are the words of my alphabet book, for every letter of the alphabet I chose a word in Italian, I paired it with a photograph and marked a point in my life. Through the union of images and words I tell my story. Like a book on how to read, the alphabet book becomes a way to get to know me. It's a key to access that internal universe hidden in the depths, creating a map of my present, to see where I am, to be the route. My research is still on going like me and this alphabet book is for all ages, it is for whoever wants to get involved. By looking at it, each person will be able to recognise him/herself through the words, or find his/her own alphabet book, generating new visions and creating new and countless one. (Chiara Pirozzi)

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