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Claudia Mozzillo was born in Naples in 1979. After studying advertising at IED in Rome Claudia has been working for 9 years as art director of Publicis Italy. In 2010 she quit her job to move to London and follow her dream to be a photographer. Since april 2013, she lives in italy to attend the LAB of Antonio Biasiucci.


A PRIVATE VISIT by Claudia Mozzillo.  The idea of developing a photographic project about Neapolitan living rooms is born from a desire to observe the domestic environment in which I was raised, through the stories of the women that are both guardians and protagonists of these events. Guests are received in the living room , that tells the story about family and historical roots are represented. To tell about yourself  in front of the camera, you need to decide how you wish to be watched from the outside. The living room becomes a stage, where it shows habits, customs and gestures that describe the history of the family through several generations. In those living rooms full of objects that welcome me day after day, the decorations tell a tale of what words only insinuate. The welcoming ritual, the coffee cups and static forms, repeated following generational patterns, describe the story of Naples and its families. In the living rooms, the Neapolitan totemic tendencies are expressed at their maximum power. Even today, with the multicultural and complex soul of the city, like never before. (Chiara Pirozzi)

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