Chiara Arturo

Chiara Arturo was born in Ischia in 1984. When she was 9 she ask for her first camera: a polaroid 600 that she's still using. While studing Architecture at the University “Federico II” in Naples, she start using photography to express herself, focussing on landscapes: nature, human, urban, dreamlike. She partecipate at some collective exhibitions and continue studying visual arts. In 2012 she graduate in architecture and landscape urbanism, then she become an architect and join the LAB with Antonio Biasiucci.

"18 MILES"

18 MILES by Chiara Arturo. 18 miles. A photo for every mile to depict a distance that is also a memory, a sensation more than a journey: my travels between the island and the mainland. Landscapes recalled from an archive of memories that have been shaping and consolidating during the many times I travelled there and back, and that have now become intimate atmospheres. The visions are altered by the windows/filters, assaulted by salt water and by the element of water in all of its forms, but also by lights, that often erupts with violence. Waves, promontories, lighthouses, instants, huge ships: become the characters in a sort of formative novel made of 90% water. I dug deeply into myself during this work. Contact with the sea has always represented a geography of thoughts to me. I used to follow an idea of always-changing landscapes and movements. In the end, I found an intimate world made of suspensions that lasted 55 minutes at a time: the map of my precarious and wavering state. (Chiara Pirozzi)

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