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 curated by Antonio Biasiucci
Castel dell'Ovo, Napoli


LAB / for an irregular laboratory: this is the title of the total volunteering project, which has the ambition to repeat itself every two years, and which has seen the awareness and work of young photographers grow during a series of meetings every two weeks. involved, by Ilaria Abbiento, Fulvio Ambrosio, Chiara Arturo, Giuliana Calomino, Cristina Cusani, Susy D'Urzo, Luigi Grassi and Claudia Mozzillo. The method, instilled through a continuous comparison on the themes chosen by each individual artist, is that of investigation, of going to the bottom to focus on the image you want to communicate. This method needs time and reflection, hence the succession of meetings in which each artist was invited to share their projects.

"The sense of the 'laboratory' is to discover an urgency, an authenticity through the continuous confrontation with the subject with whom one has chosen to confront. The result is the construction of eight portfolios worthy of being presented, where it is evident one's own saying, one's own feeling, one's own authentic vision of the things of life as well as the acquisition of a method that can be a guide for other future experiences "

Antonio Biasiucci

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