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Susy D' Urzo was born in Torre del Greco in 1982. She is graduated in Modern Literature at University Federico II and in Photography as an Art Language at Accademia delle Belle Arti, Naples . After winning the contest "Fotogrammi" during the Napoli Film Festival 2011, she has collaborated for a year as a photojournalist for the online editorial staff of Corriere del Mezzogiorno. She has taken part in the photography exhibition “In The Beginnning”, Largo Baracche, Napoli 2011; in a group exhibition “Il Rotary incontra l'arte Contemporanea”, at la Galleria del Giardino, Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli, 2011; in “Altofest-Dare luogo”, a festival of theater performances , artistic, musical and with a photographic installation in “ELETTROBOXE”, at la Pedamentina di San Martino, Naples, July 2012; in “ Immagine Napoletana”, at Pan-Palazzo of the Arts of Naples, November 2012; in “Snapshot”, architecture and landscape as involuntary objects medical history archive Nitsch Museum's archives lab in Naples. Greenhouse of Museum Pignatelli in Naples, February 2013.

“A Familiar Gaze”

A FAMILIAR GAZE by Susy D'Urzo. This project was born from an existential and artistic search that I conducted, in which I turned the camera on myself. After a series of self-portraits, I began to take pictures, almost like a child imitating the actions of an adult, the daily actions of my family. Progressively, I managed to test the borders and limits, defining the walls of my existence, also from an artistic perspective. Measuring vision. Measuring myself in the vision. This was, and is, the objective of my work. To begin to observe, starting from my family, and starting from the first vision, from the first possible gaze, the next possible one. The objective is to build a family album. As if it were cut out directly from a tree, from the genealogical elements of a gaze. (Chiara Pirozzi)

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