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Claudia Mozzillo

Claudia Mozzillo (Naples, 1979). After studying art direction at the IED in Rome, she worked as an art director for 9 years in Publicis Italia, dealing with the creativity and production of campaigns for national and international clients. In 2010 she decides to move to London to follow her dream of becoming a photographer. She specializes in Art Photography at the London College of Communication. In 2013 she returned to Italy as Paolo Ventura's assistant, at her atelier in Tuscany, Anghiari. In the same year she joined the Lab / 01, held by Antonio Biasiucci in Naples. She currently lives and works in Naples. Her works have been exhibited at: Photissima (Turin), Fotografia Festival (Rome), Leica Lab Italia, ST foto Libreria Galleria (Rome), Slideluck Rome and Slideluck London.


Claudia Mozzillo's shots tell through images a suspended, dormant truth, spatially and temporally distant in the apparent idiosyncrasy of the contingency of the territory to which it belongs. The photographer chooses to lead her gaze into the living rooms of a "Naples well", where the charm of the decadence of the environments travels parallel to the representation of a female icon in apparent detachment from concrete daily needs. The Neapolitan salons photographed by Claudia Mozzillo are ivory towers, castles protected by a moat filled with sea water, places detached from the place, but at the same time perfectly connoting a typical Neapolitan citizen well-being. The images discreetly describe the timeless charm of otium, the past taste of a "dolce far niente", the taste of a time spent placidly. The beauty of Mozzillo's shots lies in the portraits of women, generations often compared, guardians of their wealth, material such as silver or immaterial such as a Posillipino panorama.

The photographer investigates the domestic ritual, searches for the masterfully exhibited object that becomes a fetish, a semi-sacred symbol of auspicious, right-thinking and wealthy rituals.


(Chiara Pirozzi)

Lab / 01
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